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Similarities in right and women that are lesbian narratives

Ноябрь 3, 2019

Similarities in right and women that are lesbian narratives


This research desired to handle gaps in information about midlife ladies’ experiences and interpretations of intimate alterations in light of social norms and relational contexts. To fill these gaps, we analyzed in-depth interviews with straight and lesbian maried people. Our findings provide three contributions that are key. First, similarities in females’s narratives reveal just exactly how these females experienced midlife events as constraining intercourse and how lesbian and straight married ladies received convenience through the marital norm that is sexual of intercourse in the long run. Second, lesbian partners’ relational context uniquely seemed to both enhance closeness between partners navigating modification and enhance force to “work on” intercourse. Finally, stigmatized lesbian sexuality seemed to increase distress linked to diminishing intercourse and midlife modifications.

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